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> Spring Round-up
> Revlet Assets
> Lucky Three
> DB Convert in Secs

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Top Story

Spring Round-up
Its April, the sun is shining, and there's lots going on at RunRev

The more observant of you may have noticed the template for revUp is sporting a bunch of daffodils today - we felt we would like to give it a little refresh and welcome in the spring at last, I hope you like it. If you were checking dates, you may also have noticed that this edition of revUp is a week late. I have just returned from a lovely weeks holiday in the spring sunshine, most fortunately within the UK as probably otherwise I would still be waiting for a flight home thanks to the Icelandic volcano eruption, or possibly cruising the ocean aboard a Royal Navy destroyer (hmmm that does sound like fun!). Just to reassure those of you who have expressed concern - we're all fine at RR, the ash is not any kind of health threat, and now that the blanket ban on flights has been lifted we expect to receive fresh supplies of broccoli shortly!


Revlet Assets

One of the great features of Rev is that you can reference images, sounds and movies from external files and use them in your stacks. But can you do this with a revlet? Well yes, you can and this lesson will show you how.


Lucky Three

Malte Brill invites you to celebrate with him with a special 33% discount on his entire suite of products. Get animationEngine, chartsEngine and source code to a popular game with his "Lucky Three" offer.


A Rev DB App, in 3 Secs or Less - #2

This article is Part #2 of a 5 part article series which shows the completely rewritten FileMaker Pro/Microsoft Access Database to Rev conversion feature included within FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition.