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Spring Round-up
Its April, the sun is shining, and there's lots going on at RunRev

by Heather Nagey

The more observant of you may have noticed the template for revUp is sporting a bunch of daffodils today - we felt we would like to give it a little refresh and welcome in the spring at last, I hope you like it. If you were checking dates, you may also have noticed that this edition of revUp is a week late. I have just returned from a lovely weeks holiday in the spring sunshine, most fortunately within the UK as probably otherwise I would still be waiting for a flight home thanks to the Icelandic volcano eruption, or possibly cruising the ocean aboard a Royal Navy destroyer (hmmm that does sound like fun!). Just to reassure those of you who have expressed concern - we're all fine at RR, the ash is not any kind of health threat, and now that the blanket ban on flights has been lifted we expect to receive fresh supplies of broccoli shortly!

Our lessons initiative to provide lots of fresh materials for you all to learn with is proceeding nicely, I see that we have posted no fewer than 7 new lessons in the week that I was away! I've reprinted one here, courtesy of Elanor Buchanan.

Congratulations to Malte Brill on his latest addition, you can read all about it here and celebrate with him through the very special "Lucky Three" offer he is giving you all.

Our competition to win an iPad closed yesterday, and we're excited at the quality and creativeness of the entries. We'll be announcing the winner here at a later date, so do stay tuned.

Work on Rev 4.5 is proceeding apace, with the web plugin, the installer and of course the all important Field Object all receiving attention. Hopefully there should be another dp release for all you revEnterprise users to test out soon.

If you're at all interested in professional database solutions, don't forget to check out David Simpson's series on converting your Filemaker database to Rev - its really amazing what can be achieved with his excellent FMPro Migrator tools.

Well, that's about it for now, I look forward to the next few months with you all, its great to have a holiday every so often, but also good to be back!

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Heather Nagey is Customer Services Manager for Runtime Revolution Ltd.

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