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Lucky Three
Celebrate with Derbrill Software as Pfaff-Brill 3.0 arrives

by Malte Pfaff-Brill

Hey all,

Some of you might have heard already that I do not spend all of my time in front of my computer, as Jaque Gay pointed out recently. I am proud to announce the arrival of son 3.0, a major upgrade to the successful family software suite. This version features a lot of amazing new stuff like blonde hair (though I really ask myself where that came from), tiny feet and hands. Hannes-Leander is my third boys name. A cute little guy that fits well within our family. To celebrate this upgrade to my private life, I want to share the joy with my other family, you my fellow Rev developers. I do not only have three kids in flesh and blood, but also three electronic kids I am very fond of - animationEngine, chartsEngine and the source codes to this nifty little game called drops. I have been setting up the electronic ones for adoption and to make it even easier for you, here is the Power of Three. You can get animationEngine, chartsEngine and the drops sources for an amazing 33% off list price for a limited time! And not only are these kids nice fellow siblings to your Rev toolkit, they are also very productive ones.

chartsEngine (retail price 99$)

ChartsEngine is a powerful, yet lightweight library to create charts in a Revolution stack. It has been optimized to render data on the fly at high speed. It will extend Revolutions messagepath and makes its scripts available in any location in your Revolution application.

To use it, make sure it is loaded into memory. Open the messagebox and type:
start using stack "chartsengine".

In the IDE you also can double click the chartsEngine stack to start using it.

The following chartTypes are available:
• Lines
• LinesStacked
• Bars
• BarsStacked
• Pie
• Doughnut

chartsEngine ships with full documentation and example stacks to demonstrate its use.

Requirements: Revolution 3.5 or higher. Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

animationEngine (retail price 79$)

Ever dreamed of getting into games programming with Revolution? Or of wowing your audiences with spectacular animated multimedia applications? animation Engine makes advanced collision detection and complex motion paths a snip!

Animation Engine offers you functions and handlers to move objects, exactly as you desire. Create:
• Linear movement
• Polygonal movement
• Circular movement
• Elliptical movement

Precision control
• Start and stop the action at any time under scripted control.
• Simultaneously move different controls at different speeds for sophisticated "parallax"-style movements.
• Increase or decrease object speed
• Control any aspect of object movement e.g. the centre point of a circular path
• You can move your objects on complex paths, and even move existing motion paths along secondary paths!
• Change the path at anytime under scripted control

Intersection Alert!
If you want to get into games programming let Animation Engine help you detecting circle-circle collisions, circle-line collisions or even pixel precise collisions for images. You have access to different collision test routines.

Requirements: Revolution 3.5 or higher. Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

drops source codes (retail price 79$)

Nearly everyone who has ever played a game has wanted to create their own! Now, we are making it much easier! Get the source code for Drops! Fully annotated source code! Including:
- all logic,
- all artwork, and
- all audio.

We have heavily commented the source code so each segment of code is clearly explained. This lets you quickly learn how to create a game and how to make changes.
We make it easy for you to sell your project. Included in the product, you get the code to create a ‘High Scores’ and ‘Recent Players’ Score’ page.
You also get a serial number generator you can adapt for your own needs.

We want you to succeed! We also include 5 free support incidents to get you up and running.

With the purchase of Drops! The Source Code edition, you may:

  • Freely modify the source code you obtained from us.
  • Distribute compiled applications, both as standalone application and revLet from the source and derivates thereof royalty free.
  • Permission is granted to use artwork and audio files contained in the stack, excluding only the Drops! logo.
  • You are allowed to take snippets of the code and move them to other projects, as long as you do not make the sources available.
  • You may not distribute the source code, or derivates thereof, unless those sources were completely written by you. This extends, but is not limited to the upload of stacks to revOnline and posting excerpts of code written by us to any revolution usergroup or other entity. Nor may you call your standalone application Drops!.

You get this package of gems for only 169$, but hurry, this offer is only valid for 33 days! Offer ends on 25th May 2010.


About the Author

Malte Brill is long time Revolution User and revSelect pioneer. CEO of derbrill Multimedia and CTO of awesomemegamightygames.

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