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> Mobile, Static or Implanted?
> Asynchronous Workflows
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The Future - Mobile, Static or Implanted?
What will you be using to get your work done in 5 years time?

There has been an interesting discussion going on lately on the Improve Rev list, centered around whether desktop or mobile platforms are more relevant today, and which will be more relevant in the future. Will traditional desktop computers still dominate in 5 years time? 10 years? Will we all have handy mobile devices instead? Maybe a roll up sheet of plastic will be a computer? Will teenagers be walking down the street reading from a virtual screen suspended 6 inches from their faces? If so, I have serious concerns about future generations, the slow and the abstracted will be eliminated by passing traffic, its already difficult enough to text while walking...


revServer: Spreading the load

Do you know what an ansynchronous workflow is? Andre Garzia explains what it is and why you should be using this methodology with revServer, in his usual entertaining and highly readable style.


Using WordLib to Analyze Papers

If you have a rooted objection to the word "nice", find out how you can use WordLib to eliminate it in this instructive hands-on tutorial. Discover how easy it is to use this tool to import Word documents into Rev and manipulate them.


Make an Application With NativeGeometry

Create a simple application and learn how to control the geometry of your interface to pixel perfect accuracy on all platforms using NativeGeometry.