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What do You Think of LiveCode?
Tell the market in this independent survey by industry research leaders Vision Mobile

by Mark Taoilinn

Analysts have recently estimated that the average cost of developing an app for the Apple App Store is $30,000. You’ll agree that this sounds a lot, especially when you consider that this figure is the cost of development for only one platform and does not take into consideration costs for rewriting the application for any other marketplaces. On seeing their estimates, these analysts realized that it was time they found feasible solutions to lower the costs of bringing an app from one platform to another.

Bridging two Worlds

Thus the Cross-Platform Development Tools Survey was born. The analysts I’m referring to are VisionMobile, a market leading team of industry professionals with at least ten years research experience each. They specialize, as they say themselves, “on all things connected” and their focus is on the tech, web and mobile industries. In this they have earned an enviable reputation as the paramount providers of insightful, relevant and, most importantly, practical research that empowers decision makers to make knowledge driven choices to keep ahead of today’s ever changing market. Their annual Developer Economics report is a must read for anyone working in or considering a shift to the mobile space (download if free, here). The company’s clients have included Nokia, HTC, Intel, Microsoft, Sony Ericsom and RIM, to name a few, but their research is read by everyone from CEOs of multinationals to technology journalists to one man development firms.

Their research is also read by me. I’m an avid fan of their work, a regular reader of their blog and a loyal follower of their tweets. So when VisionMobile asked us to be involved in their next big research project we jumped at the chance. After the huge success of the Developer Economics Report, these leading analysts are now focusing on how best you, as a developer, can leverage the investment you make, when developing for one platform, to reach the largest possible audience on multiple platforms. They want to provide the market with a definitive bible to cross platform tools - what tool to choose, why to choose it and when each tool is right for your needs.

The VisionMobile Cross-Platform Development Survey
So I’m asking for your help. I’m asking you to follow the link below and complete their independent survey of cross platform tools. You may use other tools in addition to RunRev’s LiveCode, or you may get all you need from our program. Either way, now is your opportunity to shape the market by sharing your views. 

Take the Cross-Platform Survey

The survey is quite short and investigates

  • Best & worst of 40+ cross-platform dev tools 
  • What are the 5 most popular tools 
  • What is important to you when choosing a tool
  • What platforms are important to you
  • What do you think of the UI design and the product’s ease of use.
  • What does it cost you to choose one tool and what, if any, are the exit barriers

We’re confident that LiveCode has what it takes to be an example to the other 40 cross platform tools in the survey. You deploy to multiple platforms from a single code base, LiveCode is really easy to use and importantly it’s much quicker than other tools. I mentioned right at the start the VisionMobile analysts estimate the average cost to develop an iOS app is $30,000. With LiveCode’s rapid development the cost to develop for many platforms, not just one, is considerably lower than that.

But that’s what I think. Here’s your chance to have your say. The whole market is listening and you can help shape it going forward.

The survey is open until December 15th, and the Cross-Platform Tools Report will be available for free from VisionMobile and from us in Q1 2012.

All Surveyed Out?
I know we had our own LiveCode Survey as well recently. If you answered that survey, thank you! We really appreciate it and are hard at work analyzing the results and putting them into practice.
If you did answer our survey, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy the VisionMobile one is. It’s only a few short pages long and you be able to complete it in just a few minutes.

And I promise: no more surveys for the forseeable future!


About the Author

Mark Taoilinn is Sales and Marketing Manager for RunRev Ltd.




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