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Team Progress
Where are we at with our roadmap? How are the Kickstarter goals coming along? Ben gets you up to speed

I know all you Kickstarter backers are holding your breath, waiting for Next Generation and all those tasty stretch goals. If you think its all gone a bit quiet and we've gone away and forgotten about you... you couldn't be more wrong! Our dev team have been cracking on like crazy, and we've made huge amounts of progress. Here is some detail for you on where we are at right now.


Summer School

Summer School kicks off in August. What did you tell us in our recent survey? Find out what all the fuss is about, and what's in it for you.


Kickstarter Celebrity...and other Tidbits for You

What it's like to be famous... at least in a limited circle! RunRev are now considered Kickstarter Campaign Gurus. Plus find out what Shanghai and Dundee have in common this summer.


Once upon a time

Make your own storybook with this hands on, step by step tutorial. Screenshots and code provided.