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Revolution Live 2008

by Jo Hernandez

Events Organiser Jo Hernandez wants your opinions on what a Revolution conference should be. Planning for this event is well under way, and the time for your input is right now!

iPod backup: Making successful freeware with Revolution

by Mark Smith

What would you like to do? Create a program that generates 8000 downloads from Versiontracker, or back up your iPod on any hard drive? Mark Smith shows you how to do both...


Quick Apps with Rev: The Singing Canary

by Jacqueline Landman-Gay

For the next few editions, we will be running a series of articles by users on "quick and dirty" solutions to problems. This series will cover a remarkable range of different applications, by equally diverse users. Revolution is great for those little tasks that fill gaps, enable other applications to work, or in this case, teach a canary to sing...

Inks and Window Shapes

by Ben Beaumont

RunRev staff programmer Ben Beaumont is a lover of good design. In this tutorial article he shows you step by step how to get the best out of inks and windowshapes to produce unique and interesting user interface elements.


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