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Independence Day Cross Grade Offer


Tell Your Friends, Relations and Business Associates! This is a great opportunity to get Revolution at a cut price.

Fourth of July. The American Revolution. A search for freedom that occurred over two hundred years ago. We honor and respect that celebration of freedom in the United States.

During July, you don’t have to be an American to participate in a cross-platform computing revolution. This Revolution is coming out of Scotland, the Silicon Valley of Europe. Revolution is an exciting programming environment that you have to experience, the first and only rapid application development tool that natively deploys applications on all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X - including native Intel support on MacOS X!

This is a great opportunity to add a new tool - and support for Universal Binaries - to your toolbox. If you have any of the following tools, you can save $100 on Revolution Studio, the flagship product from Runtime Revolution Ltd:

  • Any version of Macromedia/Adobe Director
  • Any version of REAL Software’s REALbasic
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

We are giving those of you who want to join the revolution the same status as a current registered user of Revolution. As the owner of another development tool you can purchase a full licensed copy of Revolution Studio or Enterprise for only the cost of an update pack. You will receive a years worth of updates to Revolution with your purchase.

What can Revolution add to your toolbox?

  • It deploys across platforms at the click of a button, so you can build for Windows, Mac (including Mac Intel native) and Linux as well as some flavours of Unix.
  • It has an englishlike programming language that can up be up to 90% faster to write code in than some other environments
  • It has an easy drag and drop interface for building your UI
  • It has a unique rollback installer system that means you have complete version control at your fingertips.

and coming soon

  • Build secure, mobile applications that can run off of any U3 compatible smart flash drive.

So which should you get, Revolution Studio or Revolution Enterprise? In a nutshell, if coding on one platform and targeting other platforms is what you need to do, Studio is for you.

If you need to work on all target platforms (cutting the build/test/debug cycle enormously) plus get SSL features, access Oracle databases and have direct access to the Revolution development team, Enterprise is the ticket for you.

Terms and Conditions. Development tools which can be used for this offer include Director, Visual Studio and RealBasic. If you do not see your current product listed please contact us at Proof of ownership is the same as for any update pack, when you order you will be requested to enter your current serial number. For privacy reasons, you are only required to enter the last 5 letters or digits of your serial number. Offer is valid from Thursday June 29th until 13th July 2006. Offer is not applicable to existing Revolution customers and cannot be applied in conjunction with any other offer.


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Independence Day Offer

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