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Cross Grading to Revolution

by Robin Miller


Over the last few weeks we've been offering users of other tools the chance to join the Revolution, at a discounted price. I've enjoyed sitting here at Runtime watching dozens of new Revolutionaries flock to our banner. In fact it's been so successful that we're extending the special offer for two weeks, giving users of Microsoft's Visual Studio, Real Software's RealBasic and Adobe's Macromedia Director the opportunity to find out why so many people are making the switch.
Why are people switching to Revolution?
Native Mac Intel support is one major reason why people are moving to Revolution. Even if you want to develop on Windows Revolution makes it easy to deploy cross platform – always keeping pace with the most recent Operating Systems and hardware. That means Mac OS X Intel now, but it also means U3 smart drives tomorrow and you know that when Windows Vista arrives Revolution will be among the first RADs to support it.

Of course the Revolution advantage goes far beyond its cross-platform capabilities. The English-like Revolution language makes developing fast and intuitive and development is streamlined with a single coding and testing environment. Revolution can support building web CGIs, mySQL database access, has full multimedia capabilities and so much more, all at your fingertips. It's hardly surprising that the question is not why should you move, but how.

How do you make the switch?
It's easy to get daunted at the prospect of moving from one system to another, and to learn a new way of doing things. This is where Revolution comes into it's own: it makes your life easy. It is easy to write programs in and easy to learn, with a wide selection of resources to help you get started and a community eager to support you as you go forward.
Start by downloading the trial version from our website. Even though you may need the power of Studio or Enterprise, consider downloading the Media trial too – have a look at the templates as examples of simple but effective programming.
Use the resources available:
            • Start with the Documentation available in Revolution. This consists of tutorials available either in PDF or Video format, which introduce you to the most basic Revolution concepts. Once you've got to grips with the basic tutorials, consider purchasing the advanced ones. The Video Tutorials are also available online at our website.
            • Have a look at the Online Conferences transcripts. These are available at our website, and cover a wide range of topics, with example projects and user discussions and comments.
            • Join the Revolution Forums. Here you can engage with other revolutionaries, ask questions and get new ideas for how to do things. Remember that the key to getting the most out of a forum is to actively participate!
            • Bookmark This is our new online resource for all things Revolution. Read blogs from key Runtime Revolution Staff members, and RevSelect partners, keep up with the latest Revolution news and offers, and all the latest learning resources, tips and tricks.
            •  Consider purchasing Software at the Speed of Thought, by programmer Dan Shafer, this comes with sample code and two complete applications to disassemble. You can buy it either in printed form or as a convenient eBook.
    •  Don't forget Technical Support! They're here to help you.
Start small and experiment. Share your projects with others on RevOnline and ask the community for help if you get stuck. You can also use revSelect products to make your life easier: these include Arcade Engine, which manages moving objects, Quartam Reports, which adds easy to use report generation and more. Depending on what you're developing you might even be able to put your application forward for inclusion in the revSelect program, which would give you easy access to the entire Revolution user base.
In the coming weeks we'll be looking at how users have made the switch from their old tools to Revolution. Have you made the switch? Why not tell us about it and share your experience with the community.


20th July 2006

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