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Top Story

Computer Science in the Workplace
Useful or redundant? How much do we really need geeks?

I read this article recently and found it interesting. It explores whether its worthwhile getting a computer science degree these days, or if its better to learn on the job. The existence of high level tools such as Rev possibly make it unnecessary to learn binary, assembler or even a higher level but still fairly obscure tool like C++ for many tasks. Perhaps that three years at university would be better spent in the work place, finding out how real life coding works and interfacing with the end users.


RunRev Trivia Quiz

Try your knowledge on this fun trivia quiz, and see how much you know about RunRev. Get all the answers right and receive a 15% discount coupon to spend in store!


Scripters Scrapbook Joins revSelect

This popular personal reference library tool is warmly welcomed into the revSelect family. Save snippets of code and useful information where you can easily find it later. Full featured and valued by many prominent Rev gurus.


A* and the 8-Puzzle Game

This lesson introduces the Heuristic Search Algorithm A* (A Star) and uses it to solve the 8-Puzzle. A high level discussion of key algorithm components is given, and code samples are provided.