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Runtime Releases Revolution for Universal Binaries

by Kevin Miller

Here at Runtime we know how important it is for you to be able to ship up to
date solutions to your customers and clients. That's why I'm so excited
about the new Universal Binary release of Revolution!

We've been preparing for Apple's transition to the Intel architecture since
they first announced it - we've seen that the PPC Macs and products are
facing rapid extinction. Thumb through industry magazines like ComputerWorld
and eWeek and you can see reports at how quickly PPC only products are
finding their way out of Apple Stores and off purchase lists. Our
cross-platform customers have said it loud and clear: our businesses depend
on shipping Univeral Binary solutions! And we listened.

Delivering support for a whole new platform architecture is a substantial
task. Bringing you this release in a timely fashion required careful
prioritization and a commitment to a rapid release cycle. Here at Runtime
we pride ourselves on our efficient development process. Indeed, we're one
of the first companies to deliver a Mac-Intel native development tool
outside of Apple itself.

When you load up the Universal Binary Revolution on your shiny new Mac, all
that you'll notice is that Revolution is now running at breakneck speed.
Delivering an updated version of your application is just a case of loading
up your application and choosing Save as Standalone from the File menu.
Then enjoy the appreciation from your customers as their application runs up
to 5x faster! And don't worry if you don't develop on a Mac but want to
deliver an Mac-Intel application. You can build your Universal application
from Revolution running under Windows.

We'll continue to work hard to bring you more cutting edge innovations over
the next few months, for all of our customers on each of the platforms and
architectures we support. For those of you that are going to the RevConWest
conference in California this June, I look forward to talking about some of
the other things we're working on to make your lives as developers more
successful. In the mean time, enjoy your new Universal Binary applications!
Thanks for reading. Until next time.

June 8th 2006

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