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Revolution Japanese Beginner’s Guide

by Lynn Fredricks

Kenji Kojima, a developer of Revolution-based solutions, has released the first guide for learning Revolution - in Japanese! Kojima-san presents the “missing Japanese manual” assuming no prior experience with programming or using Revolution.

The illustrated ebook begins with a general task based introduction, then introduces the user to Revolution concepts and GUI development. Because as of this writing, Revolution is not localized into Japanese, Kojima-san introduces the reader to adapting to using English software on a Japanese operating system. This book answers the questions Japanese users have regarding the management of Japanese textural information, from importing text from the internet to more advanced discussion of managing UTF-16 (unicode) text and creating Revolution-based CGIs that work with Japanese.

Revolution Japanese Beginner’s Guide is available directly from the author’s website for $15 USD. Sample chapters, sample code, and a list of the table of contents are available for free download.

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8th June 2006

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