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Top Story

Rev in the Wild
Some recent new offerings and happenings in the wider Rev community

Last edition we took a look at some of the top contributions to revOnline. This week I'd like to cast the net a little wider, and see what users in the Rev community are doing on their own websites. There are lots of Rev resources and applications out there created by you, the users, here are just a handful that have appeared recently.

From utilities to pick colours to DataGrid Helpers written by a slug(?) there's a ton of stuff out there, waiting for you to find and use in your applications.


IntelAble External

A brand new external to enable you to publish your Rev apps to the emerging Intel App store. This great new addition to the revSelect lineup is brought to you by baKno Games.



An indepth look at the how and why of SpecialFolders in Rev. Why you would want them and how to use them on both Mac and Windows.


A Rev DB App, in 3 Secs or Less - #5

This article is the concluding part #5 of a series which shows the completely rewritten FileMaker Pro/Microsoft Access Database to Rev conversion feature included within FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition.