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IntelAble External
Get in on the ground floor with Intel App store

by Andres Martinez

Intel is launching an application store replicating the iPhone's Appstore business model but for the netbook devices. You can read all about it here. This is a great opportunity for developers to get a head start in what should be a huge market with great potential. The store is still in Beta and Intel is promoting it among developers initially, but when the store is ready, the plan is to include it on every new netbook as a pre-installed application. A quick tour of Google suggests that there were some 35 million netbooks sold last year and larger numbers are expected this year, so this is not a small market... At the moment Intel are waiving the fee for developers joining their developer program.

At baKno we worked for one month integrating Runtime Revolution to this new appstore and thanks to RunRev's and Intel's engineering help, we have created the IntelAble External for Rev. We have submitted four RunRev applications to the store using this external and all four have been accepted already. Obviously we are betting on the success of this store, and we want to ease the way to any other RunRev developer who wants to take the same bet.

What we are offering is an external for Rev on Windows (both revStudio and revEnterprise are supported). This external is bundled into a package that includes documentation and a sample RunRev stack. You can download it here, and purchase a license here. Because we want to encourage easy adoption of IntelAble, we are offering this for only $99.

There are some things you need to be aware of when programming for netbooks. Because of the limited processing and graphics power, you need to make sure first that your application runs at a reasonable quality on a netbook computer. Additionally, you need to register for the Intel Atom Development Program, and download the SDK.

You can learn more about IntelAble External here, and purchase a copy from revSelect today!

About the Author

Andres Martinez is originally from Colombia and worked at Apple Colombia for five years before moving to Miami to study for an MBA. After 10 years working for a networking technology distributor he founded baKno Games.

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