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Top Story

revMobile for the iPhone: the pre-alpha is here!
Experience the thrill of Rev on the iPhone for the very first time

This is it. The one you've been waiting for. We know you want it and we've got the very first iteration ready for you to try today. Its Rev on the iPhone. No more programming in Objective-C, no struggling with obscure coding and complex interfaces - enjoy the productivity of your favorite authoring environment, Rev, on the most exciting platform around, the iPhone. Rev is going to be the fastest, easiest way to develop iPhone apps.

In this article I'm going to tell you a little more about this exciting addition to the Rev platform, then show you how to create a very simple game on the iPhone that uses multitouch and the shake feature.


Lessons to Learn

Find out results from our recent survey and how it relates to our educational offerings immediately and in the months to come


Message Box Tricks

The message box can be very useful in assisting your development efforts. This lesson covers some helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of the message box, not all of which may be completely intuitive.



Get the lowdown on a new custom combobox which makes your life easier, featuring clairvoyance and other improvements on the standard. Freely available for download and created by Jerry Daniels, the maker of tText and tRev.