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Master your Education with Studio

by Mahidhar Sridhar

In the second of our series focussing on how the different Revolution editons are used and what kind of people use them, Mahidhar Sridhar describes his university project to produce a Project Management simulation. A mechanical engineer, he shares his amazement at his ability to produce thousands of lines of code with no training, no previous experience, and actually enjoy the experience!

The Arabic Revolution: Getting the Job Done Together

by Mark Schonewille

In the last of our consulting series, Mark Schonewille describes the advantages Revolution brings to his consulting firm. This case study highlights the value of unicode, and underlines the universality of the Revolution language - Mark speaks no Arabic but was able to participate in a large and complex project for teaching and learning Arabic.


Keeping Current-The value of an early update pack

by Guy Jones

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Revolution is the rapid pace of development that brings us new features on an ongoing basis. An update pack assures you of always being able to download the latest version and immediately take advantage of these new features. Thinking ahead and renewing your upgrade license early insures not only timelyness but also a very significant reduction in price over waiting until you must upgrade a lapsed license to get the features you need.

Development Postmortem: BvG Docu

by Bjoernke von Gierke

Discover the delight, but also the troubles, Revolution plugin development could give you, in this after development report about replacing the Revolution documentation. Bjoernke invites you to download the resulting plugin, and write him an angry mail about how he did it completely the wrong way.


Stay tuned for the next in our FileMaker series. Coming Soon!

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