Issue 48 * May 9, 2008

Live from Las Vegas!
Report from the first 2 Days of RunRevLive

by Heather Nagey

RevLive is now in full swing, the teaching day has come and gone, and at this very moment Kevin Miller is giving the opening Keynote to the core conference. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are some of the highlights so far, sent in by Our Correspondent at the Front - many thanks to Wendy Asay for the photos! (Click the photos to see larger versions.)

Overheard: "That's Jo walking in front of us you know!"
"I know, I knew as soon as I saw the shoes..."

Here is Devin Asay (left) assisting a student. There was a great turnout for the teaching day, and I was told by one person how lovely it was to see so many new faces there. "Lots of folks seem to have taken advantage of the conference in order to find out what all the buzz about Revolution is about."

The same person also told me "the soirée was lots of fun... one of the best cheese platters I've ever had!" Above is Andre Garzia, enjoying a sumptuous lunch.

Here are Scott Rossi, left and Ben Beaumont, right, having a great time during one of the sessions.

Kevin Miller gave the opening session yesterday, I hear it went down extremely well!

As you read this, the Keynote is taking place. We have obtained some inside information on this for you! Here are some of the major announcements.

Quartam Reports 1.1 released

The long awaited Quartam Reports update is here! It has some really nifty new features including stretching data fields, Charting and label exports to XML, CSV and other formats. Read all about it in the article on Quartam Update.

Visual Application Browser

A stir goes around the room as this exciting new software from Daniels and Mara is announced. Designed to make your application creation as painless as possible, the makers of GLX2 Script Editor have done it again. Jerry Daniels has given us a fascinating article all about Visual Application Browser, which you can read in this newsletter. Because we know you can't wait to get your hands on it, we've also arranged a bundle deal with Daniels and Mara, so that you can get VAB free with any Revolution Studio or Enterprise purchase for the rest of May.

New York Law School

Another big announcement is that Runtime have teamed up with NYLS and are today donating a free Studio for every student at the school. The total value of the donation if purchased commercially would be $523,000! Read all about why lawyers want Revolution in the NYLS article.

PHP style Rev engine

We're delighted to announce we will be bringing you an enhanced server side engine, allowing you to embed tags in a web page, in the same way as one uses php tags. And also there is to be a ...

... New Web Plugin!

Kevin Miller is proud to introduce an early demo of our new web plugin for Revolution, which will make it possible for the first time to bring the joy of Revolution programming direct to your web browser. Kevin explains that you will be able to design for standalone on the desktop or deployment in a browser, and switch between them. Although installing a plugin will be required for the enduser, this will be made as painless as possible, with a 1-click process. The download will be small and the enduser only has to do it once.

To do the actual demonstration, Robert Cailliau, the co-developer of the Web, steps forward. The prototype is currently only running on Linux and Firefox on Windows, but by the time of release it will run cross platform.

Robert Cailliau began his introduction of the new Revolution web plugin by demonstrating a Java-based interactive simulation he wrote for CERN 13 years ago. "It was so painful, I didn't want to ever write another one again," he said. "Now with Revolution that's going to change."

The session ends in a buzz of excitement, as attendees discuss these developments and head off for the first Speaker session of Revolution Live.

Robert Cailliau the co-developer of the web announces web plugin.

"With the addition of embedded web page scripting for dynamic pages and a plugin that enables anyone to create rich interactive content, Revolution now extends its reach to literally every computing platform in use today: Linux; Mac OS X; Mac Classic; Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista... and now the Worldwide Web." -- Bill Marriott, Runtime Revolution Director of Marketing

You can read in detail about Quartam Reports, NYLS and Visual Application Browser in the rest of this newsletter.

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