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Top Story

The Power of the Rev Community
Explore some favorite resources made available via revOnline

Over the past few days I have had the privilege of speaking to a variety of people in the community. I've been struck by the commitment, good will and passion from all those I chatted with. It's these qualities that are seen throughout our community that makes it so unique.

I found myself particularly struck by a conversation about the lessons portal and revOnline. They are brilliant resources that are driven by the community but don't get as much exposure as they could or should. Each week great new content is added to both portals that has the potential to unlock Rev for the beginner or inspire the seasoned pro. In this articles I'm going to review a few of the projects on revOnline that have caught my eye.


revSelect High Five

revSelect continues to go from strength to strength, with two new vendor sign-ups and no less than 5 new products coming soon to add exciting new functionality to your Rev.


Avoiding Global Variables

This article explores three different methods of replacing global variables in your applications, including using local variables, custome properties or virtual custom properties, with the merits and drawbacks of each method.


A Rev DB App, in 3 Secs or Less - #4

This article is Part #4 of a 5 part article series which shows the completely rewritten FileMaker Pro/Microsoft Access Database to Rev conversion feature included within FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition.