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Reporting from MacTech
Voted Best Developer Tool, 3 minute app and an iPad giveaway - its all been happening at MacTech

MacTech Conference

Last week Kevin Miller, RunRev CEO, and Ben Beaumont, LiveCode Product Manager, attended the MacTech conference in Los Angeles. I caught up with Kevin over Skype, in his hotel room in San Francisco, to ask him how it went.

How did it go overall?

It went very well, yes. Unfortunately I didn't get to many sessions myself as we were too busy chatting with attendees and demo'ing LiveCode. We met lots of fun and interesting people, both IT professionals and dedicated developers. It was interesting to talk in particular to the IT people present, as many of them want to produce apps, for all sorts of different projects.


Call for Speakers

RunRevLive.12 preparations are under way, and we are now open to receive speaker applications for this unmissable highlight of the RunRev year.


Honda Buggies

Occasionally the RunRev team do something other than work. Read this lavishly illustrated article on the RunRev Teambuilding day, driving hot rod Honda Buggies round a muddy Scottish field.


Social Media API

If you've been itching to add social media interaction to your app, but weren't sure where to start, this step by step lesson will show you how.