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Browser, SQLite and font capabilities added to Revolution

by Kevin Miller

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Runtime Revolution has today acquired AltBrowser, AltSQLite and AltFont from Altuit Inc. These products will be integrated into the Revolution product family and made available in new versions of Revolution Studio and Enterprise early in Quarter One 2007. Customers for Revolution Enterprise will get test versions sooner.

All three plugins broaden what professional developers can achieve with Revolution. Revolution is already the leading tool for deploying not only visually stunning, cross platform desktop applications and gui-less CGIs; but now with these features, will provide a complete experience for hybrid desktop and web solutions.

Altuit is a leading third party provider of Revolution based solutions and developer of the plugins. The acquired plugins incorporate recently added improvements, adding value even for users who already have older versions of the plugins.

It is great to be able to work with Altuit to bring these important features to the entire Revolution community.

Initially these technologies will initially be available as "rev" library externals built into Revolution. We will be looking to integrate them further in the future.

Introducing the Rev Browser

A full browser rendering engine built into Revolution

Uses the Safari rendering engine on Mac OS X
Uses the Internet Explorer engine on Windows


  • Render web pages
  • Use typically installed browser plug ins:
  • Render and navigate PDFs
  • Display Flash media
  • Incorporate AJAX and web applications
  • Receive messages when users change page
  • Complete control over navigation including preventing navigation
  • Refresh the browser
  • Multiple browser instances
  • Get the HTML text for the browser
  • Set the URL
  • Render local files
  • Just drag from the tools palette to use
  • Universal binary compatible
  • Benefits:
    • Build desktop applications with rich web functionality embedded
    • Render any type of media that can be rendered within a browser or plug-in
    • Display Flash - even stored locally - with full performance
    • Build a PDF viewer within Revolution
    • Incorporate Web 2.0 applications within your Revolution application

    Introducing Rev SQLite

    A single user database driver for Revolution


    • Use Revolution DB to access SQLite databases
    • Available for Mac OS X Universal, Windows and Linux
    • Easy to use with minimal configuration


    • Easily access popular SQLite databases
    • Build single-user database applications quickly

    Introducing Embedded Fonts

    Embed fonts and distribute them with standalone applications


    • Ensure your application looks right by using custom fonts
    • Load fonts without having to have them installed before launching your application
    • Choose from any of the 1000's of free TrueType fonts available online!
    • Use custom Dingbats (symbols) for special emphasis

    All new purchases and upgrades of Revolution Studio and Enterprise from today will include these features free of charge when they become available in Quarter One 2007. Because new Revolution Studio and Enterprise licenses will increase in price December 1 with a corresponding increase in upgrades, you can benefit from these features at a lower price by purchasing your license or renewal before December 1.

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