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> Cool Cat Server
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> Balloons and Rockets in York
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Cool Cat Server
LiveCode 6.5 brings an exciting development for Server: graphics support. This article shows you how to use it.

In this article, we're going to go over some new functionality that is going to be arriving in LiveCode Server with 6.5.0. Namely, that you will be able to use the graphics handling capability of the desktop IDE in the server environment. Please note that this functionality is currently in developer preview - it is available, here, but should be considered to be experimental until the full release of 6.5.0. The version I am using for this demonstration is 6.5.0 dp2. How does this work? Basically, stacks, cards, and their objects are rendered by the engine and can be manipulated via script as we would on the desktop IDE.


Am I a Pro?

The new license line-up explained for you. New support options now available, helping you to run your LiveCode business better.


Balloons and Rockets in York

Check out the latest tutorial materials from our training day with the National STEM Centre in York.


The Lazy Programmer

A hands on example of how to use google to find all the pieces you need for an instant app. Oh, and you'll end up with a neat little QR-driven app too.