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Am I a Pro?
I've received a lot of questions about the new License offerings, so I've put together some information for you

by Heather Laine

Recently we've added three new license types to the LiveCode Commercial family. The basic license remains Commercial, giving you all platforms and all updates for a year for $500.

We've added Pro, Enterprise Lite, and Enterprise. The first question to answer is - have we taken anything away? No, not at all. LiveCode Community and LiveCode Commercial remain available and unchanged.

So what have we added, and why?

Principly, we've added support options. People have expressed a level of confusion as to what kind of support is provided by RunRev, and how and where we provide it. Firstly, there are some pretty good free and open community options. We currently have 2 mailing lists and a forum which is subdivided into many many sub forums.

The use-livecode list, is a totally free and open email discussion list. Anyone can join and post. The only requirement is that you sign up using a valid email address. This has been the case throughout its history and will not change. Whilst RR staff do to some extent read and respond on the use-list it is not an official support forum, we do not guarantee any kind of response here or even to read your email. It's a community list. If you're on it you'll know that its quite high traffic, and while it can contain robust debate its overall a friendly and helpful group of people.

The forums:

are free and open forums, in general. You can sign up and post there and receive answers from the general community. Again, we do not guarantee any kind of response from our team. However, within the main forum are several dedicated, closed sub forums which are only available to certain groups. One of these is the Commercial Support forum, where users with a Commercial license may post queries and receive a direct and timely response from our technical support team. If you have a current Commercial license, and you have not activated your forum account for participation in this closed forum, please do feel free to email support and request it - I'll need your forum username to add you to the Commercial support forum.

The Commercial support forum is the only technical support from our team open to a standard Commercial license holder.

The LiveCode-dev list is a closed, NDA'd list, where Pro license holders may interact directly with our team. This list was previously used to provide support for the LiveCode Developer Program, and will now be used to provide support for the Pro license holders. When I say "support" in this instance I am talking about direct interaction with our management team, rather than technical, coding support.

The Pro license adds the option to email us for assistance directly, or even to book a phone or skype session. So if you have a sensitive coding issue you don't want to share with other Commercial license holders in the forum, you need a faster turnaround, you want some one on one tuition on a thorny coding issue, or you'd like to actually talk to your technical lead on the phone or by Skype, a Pro license now gives you those options.

You also get the opportunity to talk to our management team. You will receive a quarterly invitation to a webinar with Kevin Miller and Ben Beaumont. This means you can hear directly from us on how the technology is progressing, and you can feed back whatever you want us to know. If LiveCode is doing something that terminally annoys you, this is your chance to make sure we hear you. If you really need to know when feature X is likely to appear, you think we're selling the wrong kinds of products, or you just want to pick the brains of our top brass, this is your chance.

For many users, Pro is probably more than you will ever need. But if LiveCode is important to your business, and your time is important to you, then it could just be a godsend.

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Heather Laine

About the Author

Heather Laine is Customer Services Manager for RunRev Ltd


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