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> iOS 7, News, Events
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Version Control
Let all your developers stir the pot without ruining the stew

When I work in other languages I've come to depend on version control to help me keep track of everything. I would like to see the same productivity increases and extra documentation trail that version control provides in my LiveCode projects. Unfortunately LiveCode files are a binary format which is great if you want to pack a lot of data into a small space but not so great if you want to have a version control system work out the difference between two versions of a file. Most version control systems will just decide if a file is text or binary and if it's binary just treat any difference as a merge conflict.


Matrix ReCoded

Discover the latest addition to LiveCode Marketplace, and how it can help you with complex mathematical operations.


iOS 7, News, Events

The status of iOS 7 support, sneek peek at the upcoming Cloud/Database Academy, and RunRev in Rome, York and Glasgow this month.


Search an Array

Get your hands dirty with some useful code you can use to search arrays and adapt for your own purposes.