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iOS 7, News, Events
The latest news from the LiveCode world including upcoming releases

By Heather Laine

Upcoming iOS 7 support
Those of you deploying apps to iOS are keen to get your hands on 6.1.2, which is bringing full support for iOS 7. At present it is possible to use 6.1.1 to deploy apps to iOS 7 using older editions of the SDK, but 6.1.2 will support the latest 5.0 SDK. We are in the final stages of testing the 6.1.2 release, with a few outstanding bugs to squish before we can launch it. If you want to be involved in the test cycle please download this via "check for updates" in your LiveCode edition. The more people that test and report any issues, the better the release is likely to be.

The Cloud/Database Academy
We are nearly ready with this latest addition to our academy family. I have obtained some screenshots for you to give you a taster of what to expect. The app uses the template from our App to Market kit for its basic look and feel.

This screenshot shows an inventory management system. We will demonstrate how to use livecode server as a web service to access a database and send data back to the app.

We will also be showing you how to create a cloud based text editor in LiveCode.

We're a long way through creating this Academy now, and as soon as it is available we will let you all know!

Upcoming Events and Presentations
There are several exciting events coming up that we will be having a presence at. Kevin Miller, our CEO, has been asked to give a keynote speech at the Crowdfuture Conference in Rome on 19th October. He will be talking about our Kickstarter experience raising funds for LiveCode Open Source.

On 28th and 29th October Elanor and Neil, our technical training team, will be assisting again with the National Stem Centre training sessions. This takes place in York and is aimed at getting students and teachers hands on experience in creating apps.

We also expect to have a presence at the Computers at School event, on 26th October in Glasgow.

Heather Laine

About the Author

Heather Laine is Customer Services Manager for RunRev Ltd


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