Issue 79 * October 1 2009

RunRev aims to boost programming sector
NASA, Apple and Adobe use the company's new software

by Scott Mcculloch

RunRev have recently received coverage on Business7, a UK news site, RunRev aims to boost programming sector. You can read the full article below.

A Scottish company is aiming to revolutionise the computer programming industry when it launches its new plain language software on the internet.

RunRev, based in Edinburgh, will offer a free web version of its revTalk and revMedia 4.0 software package in November.

The coding language is billed as the simplest in the world and compatible across multiple platforms and interfaces.

Nasa currently uses RunRev's desktop version, Revolution, as a software development tool to control satellites from its Mission Control facility in Texas.

Industry giants such as Motorola, KLM, Siemens, Apple and Adobe also use Revolution to create their own programmes to collate and manage millions of lines of coding information.

Kevin Miller, founder of RunRev, believes the web launch will see the business more than double in size.

He said:

"We believe revMedia 4.0 will revolutionise web 2.0 application development as it is currently the world's simplest coding software in the plainest programming language available.

"We have historically sold the technology as a desktop development tool and we're now offering the same technology in a web language version with rev4.

"There are an awful lot of people out there I would describe as hobbyist content experts who don't have programming experience to write their own web application, but now they can. Rev4 is compatible with both servers and desktop applications running on Windows, Mac and Linux, all popular web browsers and uses just one language, which opens up development to just about anyone."

Miller started RunRev in 1999 from a high school hobby idea and began selling the first version of the software in 2001.

The business now has the backing of two of the biggest names in the computing industry.

Mike Markkula, former chairman of Apple, and Robert Cailliau, the co-developer of the World Wide Web, are both shareholders and helped drive the development of revMedia4.0.

Markkula stepped in with funding for RunRev's 2003 acquisition of US company MetaCard Corp, which had partnered the Scottish company in its first version of the Revolution development tool.

The acquisition allowed RunRev to modify and improve the software for updated versions of Revolution.

Miller believes revenues will exceed £1million for the first time this year. He said:

"We've seen very steady growth in the last three years, up from £400,000 three years ago to around £1m for this year, but the web launch of rev4 will really ramp up our growth.

"Although the web version is free, we will create revenue through add-ons, training programmes and bespoke development packages for business. Mike Markkula and Robert Cailliau have been advising us through the process on a regular basis, and are very excited by the launch of this product."

Cailliau said:

"I use revTalk for all my coding needs, and know it goes far beyond programming 'for the rest of us'.

"Professionals will appreciate the speed with which they can build sophisticated solutions."

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