Issue 79 * October 1 2009

Quartam Reports Webinar Invitation
Join Jan Schenkel for a look at a heavyweight in the revSelect line-up

By Heather Nagey

The 4th in our series of Webinars looking at revSelect products, this session will help you to understand why Quartam Reports is an invaluable tool with many different uses. Do you need to create invoices? Collate sales data? Interface with data in separate databases? Print labels? Perform complex calculations on live data? Create beautiful layouts? Quartam Reports will do all this for you and more. Join us on October 6th, at 7pm BST (8pm for most of Europe, 2pm Eastern for US viewers) for a free walkthrough by Jan Schenkel of this powerful piece of software. We will also be giving out a generous 33% discount coupon at the Webinar.

About the Author

Heather Nagey is the Customer Services Manager for Runtime Revolution Ltd.

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