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Gearing up for an iOS Launch
Upcoming release, App store submission, new tutorial series

With our first official launch for iOS just weeks away, we thought this would be a good time to update you on progress on this exciting platform. It has been great to so many new faces join the LiveCode community. So if you're new to the platform: welcome on board! We're incredibly excited to bring you this exciting new set of capabilities to deploy to mobile devices.

App Store Ready
Our corporate, IT and in-house developer customers have been enjoying our iOS support for a number of months now. Following on from that success and in the light of Apple's recent decision to allow third party development tools, we're pleased to announce that we've completed the changes to the platform necessary to submit to the app store. That release will be rolled out to our pre-release customers very shortly now.


Why YOU should be at RunRevLive.11

Do you attend conferences? Or do you prefer learning online, onscreen? A look at some of the reasons why personal interaction beats digital when it comes to getting the information and connections you need.


Collecting User Preferences: Part 1

If you are baffled as to how you can let your users set preferences for your LiveCode applications, this clear tutorial will step you through the process with code illustrations and a downloadable stack.


Cross Platform Geometry

A detailed look at making your applications look beautiful and platform native on Mac, Windows and Linux. Lavishly illustrated with screenshots and a very straightforward step by step approach.