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> Fall Academy Announced
> Tomorrows Innovators
> RunRevLive.12
> Formatting Grids

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Top Story

Fall Academy Open for Signup
Join this highly successful training course to learn how to get started with LiveCode

LiveCode Academy

This summer for the first time we ran a beginners course centered around live Webinars and downloadable coursework, to get new users of LiveCode up and running with their first Mobile app. The academy was so successful that we are delighted to announce that we are repeating it this autumn (that's the Fall, for our American friends).


Teaching the Innovators of Tomorrow

Are the children of today learning the skills they need to be innovators, programmers and creative thinkers, or does our current educational system lend itself to cookie cutter learning?


RunRevLive.12 New Jersey

Many of you have been asking when and where the next RunRevLive will be. We have the answers for you now, driven by the responses we received in our recent survey.


Change the Number Format of a Column by Script

This lesson describes, how, once a datagrid is installed in a project, developers can continue changing the number format of a specific column without DGH.