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RunRevLive.12 New Jersey
Join us in New Jersey, 26th - 29th June 2012

by Heather Nagey

Recently we sent out a survey asking you to vote on when and where you want to see the next RunRevLive to take place. We offered Europe (Geneva), Europe (Edinburgh), US (West Coast) or US (East Coast).

It's official, the returns are in and you have selected the venue and dates for the next RunRevLive. The majority verdict brought us to the East Coast US, in June.

I know you are as excited as we are and personally I cannot wait to meet with our users again, both recent and longstanding, this year in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Last year the feedback we received on the hotel was excellent, so we decided to go with the Dolce organisation again, and we'll be holding this event in Dolce Basking Ridge.

Basking Ridge

Mobile: Levelling Up
We asked you what you want the conference to be about. Overwhelmingly, the answer was "Mobile". All aspects of Mobile, including how to write for iOS and Android, how to get your apps into the stores, and how to market your apps once they are there. You also want to hear about integrating Desktop and Server with Mobile, and you love having interesting and exciting outside speakers. Happy to oblige! We'll show you how to take your apps to the next level in RunRevLive.12.

Early Bird Special
Get your ticket early and benefit from the best discount available on your participation in this unmissable event. As always, we've negotiated special rates with the hotel for you, if you want to buy the all inclusive package. Included in your early bird ticket is access to the ever popular Simulcast to enable you to view any sessions you miss live, or to review the conferences after you get home. As a special treat, if you purchase your early bird ticket this month, we'll also throw in a free copy of our new printed dictionary, shipped immediately.

Feedback from RunRevLive.11

There has to be a reason why almost 90% of attendees from RunRevLive.11 said they'd come back. Here are just some of the things they told us:

"It was a good time and very informative. I have nothing bad or negative to say about the overall experience of the conference. I hope to go again next year!"

"I've never experienced a user's group conference where everyone was so friendly and open and sharing. Staff and attendees alike. It was so easy to strike up a conversation and learn about how someone else made LC do some amazing thing or other..."

"Considering everything, all the hard work of RunRev and other presenters, this conference was a huge success. I go to conferences for other major companies, and RunRev LIVE has them all beat! Awesome job!"

Join us this time and find out for yourself just how much you can benefit from this event. Pick your ticket below, you can choose to join us in the conference hotel itself, or arrange your own accommodation:

buy RunRevLive Ticket Only Buy RunRevLive


About the Author

Heather Nagey is Customer Services Manager for RunRev Ltd.


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