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GLX2: The New Script Editor for Revolution

Heather Nagey Interviews Jerry Daniels

What's even better than a brand new GPS, smarter than a trained chimp, and cuter than a basketful of kittens? GLX2, the brand new script editor for Revolution, from Daniels & Mara. Read an exclusive interview with Jerry, telling us all about it.

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Can Revolution Make You More Fit?

by Bill Marriott

You know that Revolution can exercise your brain, expand your bank account and entertain your kids. Did you know it can also make you fitter?


Revolution Live 2008: Multimedia with Scott Rossi

by Jo Hernandez

Back by popular demand, we can confirm that Scott Rossi will be presenting at RevLive. See the photo, read the bio, get the lowdown on the schedule...

Interactive Education - Reporting from Ed-Media

by Judy Perry

Earlier this year distinguished educator Judy Perry presented an article on Revolution at the EdMedia conference in Canada. She reports on how it went and the topics she was talking about.


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