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icon 2    April 25th, 2014
Article 3: Busy LiveCode Bees
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Our community has been busy over the last weeks and months. Almost every day I hear of a new course teaching LiveCode, a conference being held, or a user group starting up in another corner of the world. It's hard to keep track of them all but if you want a mention of your LiveCode event, training course or user group, please do drop me a line.


LiveCode Latin America

Luis Astorquiza, organiser of the Online Spanish User Group, has been busy in Latin America. Recently he told me:

I want to communicate to tell of the great innovations of our Spanish LiveCode community. Next week I will travel to the beautiful country of Mexico where I will have many events presenting LiveCode, first in Veracruz, invited by the Technological Institute of Monterey. I'll give a workshop on Using LiveCode at C14 , the XIV International Congress of Engineering, then in the state of Zacateca as part of the centennial celebration of this city, I will give a workshop for digital artists and programmers, to make Cultural Apps for their city. With these two major events Mexico is beginning to give formal recognition to a chapter of our LiveCode Community in Spanish. I would like you to give publicity to this important tour in your stories, and we hope to continue replicating these workshops and conferences in other countries of Latin America. I will send pictures and information about these international conferences again soon!



Digital Summit, Glasgow

Closer to home, RunRev will be showcasing LiveCode at the D14 Summit in May. This takes place in Glasgow, 29th-30th May 2014, in the SECC and is Scotland's flagship digital summit.


This year's event is focused on 4 themes - dHealth, FinTech, Education, and Retailing. D14 will debate the issues impacting digital businesses, as well as identifying the opportunities for companies designing, innovating and adopting digital services, platforms and applications. The event will also tackle the difficult questions impacting the sector and offer ideas and perspectives from around the world to support the creation of new business opportunities. 


Taking part at such a prestigious event is the perfect opportunity for us to present LiveCode and delegates will be able to interact with LiveCode as well as speak with our knowledgeable team.  We will be showcasing within the Education arena so do drop by if you will be there too!




Digital Publishing

Our CEO Kevin Miller frequently gets asked to give presentations both locally and abroad. His next engagement is with PPA Scotland, presenting app development and our experiences with crowdfunding to a group of magazine publishers in Glasgow. As always he is looking forward to spreading the word!


Developer Tools

I'm always happy when I discover a new resource for the LiveCode Community. Today I came across Charles Buchwald and Friends website. Two handy LC tools are on offer here, LcResTool and LcMover.


LcResTool basically keeps tabs on your target screensize, lets you switch between a variety of common mobile screen sizes, and has just been updated to support the new scaleFactor feature in 6.6. A handy little item to smooth your workflow and help you visualise your apps' final destination.


LcMover is even simpler. It just moves your windows around to keep them tidy and out of your way. This tiny tool moves your window around to the corners of your screen, or the middle edges, or the centre… without putting it underneath the menubar or tools palette. If you are resizing windows much via script or with lcResTool, then this helps reposition your window(s) quickly and easily.


Both these neat little tools are free, go check them out!

Heather Laine

About The Author


Heather Laine is Customer Services Manager for RunRev Ltd.

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